Adv. Sunil Jadhav

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Advisory Committee:  Adv. Sunil Jadhav Advisory Committee: Adv. Sunil Jadhav

Adv Sunil Jadhav is a advocate with an engineering background. A qualified B.tect from Mechanical Engineering focused his career as an Advocate. Afer completing his B.E and working for an year, he joined Law and graduated in Law from Aurangabad and started practising. With over 20 years of experiance in judiciary he is now on the advisory committe of LawHub. Since LawHub is a research related platform for legal fraternity, the contribution from Adv Sunil Jadhav is immense. A advocate with an engineering background is always a great help is research work and Adv. Mr Sunil Jadhav stands upfront with his various suggestion that can enable this plaform to be of great benefits to law students.