About LawHub

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LawHub is an I.T.E.S, that provides an online law research platform exclusively for legal fraternity or the law aspirant. Lawhub is a synergy of database analyst, Law academician ,professional from legal fraternity and practising advocates. The main focus of lawhub.in is to provide a research platform for law student mainly research on case laws analytics and case law analysis.

The online research courses with prime focus on case law delivered by various courts in India that included High courts and tribunal courts. Lawhub case law data bank stores over 3 millions case laws, this enables Lawhub to provide unique case laws to each law researcher. The Case law courses ranges from workshops to diploma courses. The syllabus and the course content designed by s specialised team of research analyst keep research as the focused area.

There are various other research activities that are conducted on lawhub.in catering to various research area that are directly or indirectly related either with law , law students, Law professionals.

A High end online interface are provided to each law researcher. The interface are designed to store the various fixed data point, around which the research revolves. The online software also provides the various run time graphical results for various data points that are generated, to enhance the data analytics visualisation for various research conclusion. The graphical representation of the data can be used for various analysis of research project reports.

LawHub is backed by a highly skilled and experianced team of software enginners that enables it to build the high end online platform for concuting and execyting various online research programs. The technical team managea the research database content that are allocated for research to the law aspirants opting various research programs on Indian case laws or any research project deployed on LawHub.

Research work on LawHub Covers Following.

  • Research & Marketing Intership Programs for Management Students
  • Promotion Of Advocates on Web
  • Case Law Research Programs for Law Stundets
  • Research on Law Colleges and its Promotion