Online Case Law Research Platform

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Case Laws are one of the most important transcripts, that the community from legal professionals use and explore for various arguments and proceeding in the court of law. These transcripts are readily available and are millions in numbers. Digging out a relevant transcripts from the millions or transcripts is like journey to moon and back. Though technology enhancement and search technologies had made life bit easier for digging the relevant judgements, but still getting a precise judgements based or various parameters is still a long journey and an area of deep research. Any data beat a case or or a medical analysis, the focal point is having a structured date with the key data points. So, The case law research platform at law hub not only pushes you to explore each and every judgement allocated, but also a methodology for structuring the case law that can be used for generating research reports.

This journey of case law research starts the moment the student put his first step in law college or as a law professional advocate in a court of law. Internet maybe flooded with various case laws, but an systematic approach to research or analyse these case laws are not available. On the contrary, LawHub has set up a research platform exclusively to conduct a systematic research on case laws. This platforms enable the student to understand the key data points or the key attributes based on which research on case laws can be conducted.

Every stage in a research work is important a wrong start in research can lead to back and forth of research steps that can be very frustrating for a beginner of research project. The steps and approach defined in the online platform enables the law student to understand the basics of research in terms of start to finish of research. The data points generated from the case laws are fixed data point or variable data points. The elementary case law research programs mainly covers the Fixed data points of case laws, advance and diploma courses exposes a law research students to variable data points and data analytics.


The success of any research work  on date researching and collecting data from the case laws LawHub provides a unique platform to empower the research capabilities of a law researchers.