Case Law Research & Analysis - Law Colleges Curricullam

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INTRODUCTION: Case Law Research for Law Colleges is a law research programs exclusively designed for Law College's students in India. This is a one year curricula for Law Colleges student, with prime focus on case law research and analysis.The complete Law research & Analysis workshop programs revolves around the Case Laws ( Judgements delivered by various courts). This law research programs covers various data points that every case law comprises of. These data point to be accumulated by the law research student and collected in and structured way for all the analysis and research work pertaining to case laws.

To assist the case law research programs, a high ed user friendly online interface is provided to generate and collect all the data points of the case laws. Every students enrolled for the case law research workshop is provided with the raw research data ( Case Laws) for performing research and analysis work. All students get unique judgements to work on the case law research programs that are deployed exclusively for Law college. The research project covers individual research of every student and also provides analysis data of the complete team research.

OBJECTIVE: The prime object of this curriculam are to get each and every studen of law college understand the basics of any law research work. Student to get accustomed to work as individual reasearcher and also as group research projects.

  • To provide a online research platform for law college to conduct research work as a curricullam.
  • To enable the students to understand and enhance their research skills while working with varios case laws.
  • Educate every law students of a procedural and streamlined process of research work.

Benefits to Students 

  1. Makes a student habitual for reading case laws,mandatory for any law professionals.
  2. Getting aware of various Fixed Data Point in Case Laws
  3. Enables a student in procuring the internship in big law companies.
  4. Enhances the research skill sets of a law students.
  5. Analysis of case precedence while researching the case laws
  6. Aware of the basic quantitative analysis of case laws as a stepping stone for high end law research programs.
  7. Data visualisation and presentation of legal data in form of charts,histograms that enable a research project.
  8. To secure an internship under senior law researchers and analysts.
  9. Career Scope with law data science or any AI (Artificial Intelligence) related Law projects.
  10. Open up an avenue for getting prestigious jobs in corporate as Legal Advisers or Legal Consultants as well as Legal Executive.
  11. Eligibility to avail the certificate and diploma courses for high end research programs on

Benefits to Law Institutes

  1. Provide a platform to law student for research programs
  2. Very few law institutes globally conduict such research programs that has direct benfits to skills of law students
  3. Provide individual and team based research programs
  4. Improves the rating of the intitute.


Total Number of Case Laws Allocated 1500

Data Point to work 

Legal Article Writing 12


Final year LLB Students.
All students persuing LLM