Advocates Analysis

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The judicial balance scale can bend in your favour, if you are aware of the opposition strategies and build your  own accordingly. The strategy can be based on understanding how opposition think. The points on which the opposition's  likely to argue or highlight and you are prepared to counteract. This can leverage the judgements in your favour as the complete arguments in  case proceeding are based on counteracting the facts or allegations imposed and the way its presented. When planning a case strategy, if the opposition strategy is known mainly the arguments then  half the war is won.

The case laws archives of the opposition lawyers can be researched in depth. Every person always has a pre fixed strategy based on their skills and experienced based on which the arguments are prepared and argued in court. For a deeper research the various case logs and the archives of legal document related with the cases can be harvested and analysed. The use of data science have a impact for such research work, this can provide the insight level of the opposing lawyer.

With evolution of technologies and data science the task has become easier as compared in past or maybe just a decade back. If we go  back in time, such researches were manually done exploring and reading the case history and related documents. Such research even could be un economical considering the professional quality time spent on such researches just to dig out relevant information. Using a Data Science enabled solution it is possible to build a profile of your opposition that can be consulted throughout the case. As well as instant access, not just to their previous cases but to the relevant sections of those cases as well through the power of Natural Language Processing.

It is very important to know if you can understand the opposing lawyer strategies for any arguments in the court of law. 

This is one reason why in our courses we have taken advocates as a data point for  the research and analysis of case laws. Working on this advocates appearing for bot the parties are stores as a fixed data points. Since the courses on law hub are mainly a platforms for law students and to enable them in building their research profile, working on data points leverages their research skills that can be used in their professional career