Variable Data Points In Case Law Research

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Variable data points are the data points associated with the case laws. Variable data points can also be termed as keywords in elements of judgements or case laws. A variable data points in case laws is a characteristic that is measured and can take on different values. In other words, something that varies between cases. This is in contrast to fixed data points that is a constant which is the same for all case laws, in a research study. The statuary acts and sections imposed in a case law are not considered as the variable data points but more covered under the fixed data points, since each case laws / judgements are covered under some acts or sections.

These variable data points also have a direct impact on the conclusion of the judgements/case laws as final verdict of the judgements. The complete research projects pivots around the fixed and variable data point. These data points also have direct impact on the research work. Variable data points coupled with a value in percentage are the case law research analytics. The percentage value associated with the variable data point can be a value denominated in percentage (%). Various percentage value of the the variable data point can vary for for each researcher as different researcher can justify its importance in various ways, this depends on the experience and exposure of the the researcher with judicial and their reasoning power that varies person to person.

Following can be an example of variable data points that are associated with each elements of the case laws. 

Consider a criminal case of Murder where dowry is also imposed.

  • Murder 
  • Physical Assault
  • Mental Harassment
  • Harassment by husband
  • Burning alive
  • strangling
  • Life Imprisonment 
  • Pay Fine  
  • Husband
  • Father In-law
  • Mother In law
  • Harassment Brother
  • Complete family
  • Dowry Death

Each of the above are just a sample variable data points that can be associated with a case law related with dowry and murder. While working on case law research and variable data points, each of these data points should always be associated with a percentage value. These numeric percentage value, as stated above denotes the impact its has in disposition of the case law or the final verdict by the judge after hearing the arguments by the lawyers of respondent and appellants/petitioner 


Variable data Points is also a very important parameters in case law Data Science or Case Law analytics projects. As law data base is mammoth, the case law data science and case law analytic are one of the emerging professional and academic areas in the complete judiciary systems. Not just the case laws but Data Science in Law Or Law Data Analytics also is a foundation for the AI in Law. The numeric percentage value associated with the variable data points in case law can vary for each researchers. The numeric percentage value of variable data points in case laws varies as each researcher can have different reasoning and justification and also based on the arguments skills of the lawyers in case laws.