Research Programs For Web Awareness and Web Promotion of Lawyers

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Research & Marketing: Internship Program For Management Students Research & Marketing: Internship Program For Management Students

As the traffic on internet grows, every professional and business is moving digital. Web Promotion on web is now what most are looking for eve for branding. The key reason is, the reach of internet is not defined by physical boundaries, or one can say internet re-defines business boundaries and reach. 

Lawhub is a research company that’s totally focused on the legal domain for various research programs, in the benefit of the legal fraternity. Any research projects -- success is measured by achieving objectives, undelying the research program. The current research Program "Web awareness and web promotion" is based on a survey that is being conducted online exclusively for lawyers registered with the bar council and are licensed to practice in various courts. The existing research programs with is in two phase.The research program, starts with an elementary survey, this to enable Lawhub for deducing various promotional prospects for lawyers, based on their data submitted in survey. The research program conducted to work on the internet awareness of lawyers.It also assist the lawyers for online promotional opportunities to establish brand name that provides tailwind to promote the services offered by lawyers. Furthermore, it create awareness of various promotional opportunities for lawyers to broaden their footprints of professional services, by harnessing the power of web.

The Research Program is not opened publicly and is only through invitations.

The prime objective of the research program is as follows:

a) Creating web awareness of practising advocates.
b) Establish brand Name and promotion of a lawyer.
c) Various viable promotional opportunities for Lawyers.
d) Promotion of legal services offered by Lawyers.
e) Usefull resource available online for advocates.
f) Suggestion and various means to harness the power of web to promote lawyservices globally.


A. ADVOCATE  REGISTRATION : Advocates registration is only by invitation. The invitation can be received on email, messages or even links that can be posted on social media. Invitations are sent by:
• Management college students undergoing an internship programs as research projects.
• Law associations and Bar Councils
• Social workers,.
• Practising advocates, only those who have participated in existing the survey research programs and are keen on promotions of legal fraternity and their associate lawyers.

The advocate registration links can be send  to eligible advocates for registration using the following ways

• 1. Personalised messages on whats-app, telegram, etc and also over email.
• 2. Signup links posted on Social Media sites, online Forums, whats-app groups, etc.

B. ONLINE SURVEY : Once the registration process is complete the lawyers can participate in an online survey for quantitative analysis. Questions re displayed on screen and advocate select the relevant answers from predefined list of answers and submit. After submitting the next question appears and the cycle continues till the last question of the survey is answered.

A very user-friendly interface is designed by the technical team of LawHub enabling an advocate to complete the survey in minimum time. The online survey interface is compatible for various devices that includes hand held devices ( smart phone, tablets) to desktop and lap tops. Time anticipated for complete survey,approximately around 5 minute.Time can vary, based on the reading and analysing skill of an advocate participating in survey. 


1. This phase is for the promotion of the advocates on web. This is done by establishing the web presence of an advocate profile. LawHub, has done a detail research on various online services that are available for advocates. Post quantitative analysis of the survey data submitted by advocates in the survey question, advocates will be offered to submit a details profile on some of the paid directory service (FREE OF COST). LawHub has tied up with the leading web services to be a sponsors of the research program, and to offer free services or a package that most affordable price, to advocates.

Lawhub also offer this as an research internship program "WEB AWARENESS & WEB PROMOTION OF ADVOCATES" to college students, looking for real time research and marketing experiance. 

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