Research Platforms For Law Data Science & Case Law Research

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Online integrated platform for law students and law fraternity for conducting research on various case laws delivered by Supreme Court of India, state high courts and tribunal courts. This research platform deployed is on LawHub with high end user friendly interface for conducting case law research projects. Various levels of research starts with elementary to advanced. This research project mainly caters to UG and PG law graduates.

Data science and AI is going to be the future of law, with this vision, this research platform is developed that educates the law student the very basics for data science and AI in law based on structuring the data related with case laws.

The complete research platform for education is deployed as certificate and high end diploma in case law research. This also provides a structured curricula that can be deployed at law colleges as an online research programs conducted by student law colleges, in house. The research program enhances the research capabilities of law student at the college level. It prepares law students for conducting various high end law research project and making their career as law research analysts, Law data scientist or even to work on AI in Law projects.

The study of pre defined fixed data point and variable enables the law research students to understand various weight age (data analytics) of data point that has the impact on the final conclusion of the case laws.

The Research platform covers

  1. Case law Analysis
  2. Case Law Analytics
  3. Qualitative Analysis of Case Laws
  4. Quantitative analysis of Case Law
  5. Key Research Parameters in case laws ( Data Points)
  6. Law Data Science.
  7. Law Data Mining.
  8. Law Data Warehousing

Project Status

Sno  Topics  Status
01 Research Content (Case Laws) : Completed
02  Online platforms development : Completed 
03  Certification Tie Ups with certification authorities : Completed 
04 Deployment at various law colleges as curricula for Research Wing : Ongoing