Case Law Allocation

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We at Lawhub, have a database of over 3 Millions case laws. The database of case laws comprises of judgments delivered by Supremee Court of India, High courts of all states in india, Tribunal course. Not just Indian case laws but we also maintain over 1 million case laws from foreign courts that includes USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Australia. The law data warehouse that we manage also supports our online course programs and various research works on case laws. 

These case law are also provided to individual lawyer and law companies India, on demand. we also provide case laws that can be published on website of various coprorates, education institutes, Non Profit organization. Many Non Profits organization, Corporates,

Incase you are looking for any case law contact us. We can dig out judgments and send you the judgments. We dont accept any demand for below  100 judgments.