Web Promotion Of Advocates & Law Companies

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Web Promotion Of Advocates & Law Companies

Google is not a fable, but certified search engine market leader. The market data acquired from Jan-2023 to Feb 2024 divulge that Google has 91.61%, Bing has 3.32% and YANDEX has 1.83%.Considering this market share various search engine promotion programs only target Google Keyword Search.

Lawyer Seekers  are those who know from the outset that they need the assistance of a lawyer or law firm to help them with a legal issue, and use the Internet to find one in a particular geographical and practice area. Google is the most commonly used platform for searching lawyers for relevant legal services or consultation. Lawyers seeker can be a business corporate house or individual looking for Legal Assistance/Consolation/Services.

Webpages listed in top 20  for search keyword are likely the pages for a Lawyer Seeker to visit, if not, the seeker will alter keywords to find result more germane.

We at Lawhub, take up turnkey search engine promotion project. Lawhub is more result oriented without any marketing stratagem to guarantee top listing. The results of rankings on Google search results are unambigius—chirography for performance. Refer Table-1 for some in top 5 with over 1 billion search result pages. 

The turnkey SEO  Program, involves generating a search engine friendly content with effective analysis of right search key words and finally work on page for attaining high ranks for search result--related to search key words.

TABLE-1 ( Search Ranking Result Of Some Blog Articles on LAWHUB )

01  Growth in Online Legal Service  1,38,00,00,000  (1.38 Billion)  4
02  Growth Online Legal Service  1,58,00,00,000  (1.58 Billion)  1
03  Online Legal Service Market  97,50,00,000( 97.5 Million)  4
04  advantage of lawyers profile  3,39,00,000 3.39 Million)  1
05  future of paid email service  2,25,00,00,000  (1.38 Billion)  1
06 Advantage of blog for lawyers
 4,39,00,000 4.39 Million)  4



Preview Google search result ranks screenshots in the attachment section of the page for above data sheet

Unveiling live data of Google search result ranks is our accreditation—Law related keywords. Embarks faith of our existing and new clients from Legal fraternity for investing their hard-earned money with the right company and our merited success.


Web promotion kicks off with data/information submitted online as webpage.  This can be with a Lawyer’s website or Lawyers profile on aggregators. At preparatory stage, team (Keyword analyst) at Lawhub works on search keywords applicable with services offered by the lawyers or the law companies. Analysis of each Keywords based on In-house formulated algorithm with detail pattern study, is done by team of professional. Content generated on webpage in tandem with the formulated algorithms and Keyword analysis. Study of logs on webserver, post data submission is a detail research and analysis activity. Also logs of various Google web crawlers/BOT programs are used to generate a pattern study that enable in top ranking search result for SEO optimized content.

Activity Summary 

1. Content: Generated by professional content writer associated with LAWHUB, with a legal background.
2. Analysis: Details Search Keyword Analysis relevant to the services and geographical location
3. Competitor’s webpage: Exhaustive study and researching and reviewing competitor data in search results for the relevant search Keyword.
4. Content Optimization: The generated content if further optimized by the search engine optimization team considering the following

a) Search Keyword
b) Keyword Balancing
c) In-house formulated algorithm
d) Patterns 

5. Log Report Analysis: Analysis of server log report for Google website crawlers, available on our in-house self-managed server in most secured Data Centre (New Jersey USA)
6. Content Refining: Further refining of content after a detail analysis of the pattern generated and tune as per the in-house algorithm formulated by team of experts
7. Scheduled review or ranking at regular time interval for sustained ranking