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Research is the vigilant, diligent & painfull study in depth of a specific subject matter which has the aim to advance mankind knowledge and descision making. Law research being the core area of activities on Lawhub, partly defines the objectives. Any research programs is based on data. Data warehousing and Data Mining are the pillars for any research programs based as its based on data. At LawHub, we are constantly building the databases that can be offered to law researcher. Not just the data, but a platform also, that guides and assistes a law researcher with a systematic and streamlined approach for Law research Legal information and data for law is one of the largest database on this planet, but still unstructured. At LawHub the journey for data warehousing has started and its maintains a large database that it will offer to law researcher for research across diversified area of legal system.

The goal set, as an objective of LawHub, is artificial intelligence (A.I) related with law and judiciary. The basics of artificial intelligence revolves around data and more important, structured data. The journey of AI for any project starts with structuring of data on which research and various research algorithms are deployed for conclusive and valid output of the research programs.

LawHub Summary of Objectives

  1. Building data Warehouse for global case Laws for case law research
  2. Providing a Research Platform for Legal researcher.
  3. Guide for systematic approach in legal research
  4. Promotion of legal community.
  5. Promotion of Law Education Institution.
  6. Law Education Institute Density To Assist Bar Council Of India in Licensing Law Education Institutes.
  7. Creating awareness of research work at graduation level
  8. Awareness and education in Law Data Science
  9. AI in Legal system & Law
  10. Key Areas and Topics in Law Research
  11. Law Analytics.

For various data acquisitions we are contacting the law agencies and bar councils to assist us in providing the data that can leverage the research projects for achieving its objectives mentioned above