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LawHub is an I.T.E.S, that provides an online law research platform exclusively for legal fraternity or the law aspirant. Lawhub is a synergy of database

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Online Case Law Research Platform

Case Laws are one of the most important transcripts, that the community from legal professionals use and explore for various arguments and proceeding in the

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Pharmaceutical Drug Manufactures Can They Buy Anything & Everything?

Pharmaceutical industries, Now and then are in news for various malpractices. The crimes more organized, involves a network. Drug Cartels are the CEO’s of various Pharmaceutical Industries joining hands for common goals. Any cartel for the welfare of society and countries economy should be always praised, supported applauded and honored.  Any Cartel that sounds like Medellín Cartel (CEO-Pablo Escobar) harming society, ...

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AI & Machine Learning: Impact on Law Firms

AI is the development of system that has the ability to perform tasks requiring human intelligence. Software solutions are highly adopted in developed countries like the USA to achieve benefits, such as contract management and efficient legal data analysis. In the legal context, computers and software frequently employ AI in the form of machine learning that facilitates the automation of ...

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Cyber Crime Legal Services Rise with Cyber Threats

As more and more business move online, cybercrime activities also propel.  Cyber crime is a crime that is committed using an internet connection and a computer and hand held devices. Losses from cybercrime is anticipate to record $10 Trillion USD by 2025. Cybercrimes have become an issue of international concern. There is no country that can blow its own trumpet ...

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Growth In Online Legal Services

The Focus on the online Legal services has been exponentially growing as a counterreveolution of the traditional practices in Law Firms, globally. Online Legal service market is slated to swell over the foreseen horizon. Follow Author On @amalnsingh Global Online Legal Services market is anticipated to expect a sizable growth amidst tenure of 2023 and 2030.  AS per the market researchers and ...

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Lawyers Blog: Tool for content Marketing

Blogs are the content thats posted on web, Content marketing is probably the most efficient and traditional way to get a high rank on the search results of various search engines, improve search engine indexing, as well as drive both web and foot traffic very conveniently. Content marketing is also the ultimate go-to option for firms looking to turn web ...

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