What Are The Examples of Fixed Data Point in a Case Law?

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Following are the list of fixed data points are found in every case laws delivered by the court of law.
1. Name or Names of Judges
2. Advocated appearing for the appellant
3. Advocated appearing for the respondent
4. Court Name
5. Judgment Date
6. Appellant Name
7. Respondent Name
8. Journal Citation (In case reportble and published)
9. Appeal Number / Case number
10. Case Law Disposition
11. Bench Type
12. Jurisdiction
13. Various acts and sections imposed in case laws
14. Judgments referred or cited n the judgments **
15. Various Other Judgments Cited in the existing case law **
16. Judgment Category ( based on the various acts and section imposed)

These are the fixed data point that exists in most of the judgments. At times the journal citation may not be found if the case law is not published in and of the officially endorsed law publication like AIR, SCC, etc


** >> Optional at times these may not be available in a case laws. As itsnot neccessary that every cse has a referred judgments or is refered by any other judgments,