Case Law Elements

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Each case laws / court judgments comprises of fixed judgment elements that constitutes the complete judgment delivered in the court. Each of these elements of case law has its own importance in the complete transcript of the case law delivered by the judge or becnh of judges in a court of law.  It need not be necessary that every judgments consist of all the elements.

Following are the elements that exists in a judgment:
• Facts of the Case: Matter in the issue should be mentioned.
• Ruling: Mentioning decision of lower courts and Tribunals if any.
• Arguments: Arguments of the advocates.
• Cases Referred: Mention the name and description of the Cases referred and Variable Data Points.
• Decision and Reason: Decision and the reason of that decision should be mentioned of the Court under which the case was going on.

Please note: Every judgment may not have all the above elements.

Each of the elements of the judgments can be researched as part of case law research and analysis. the research analysis mainly covers the impact of each elements or inter related elments that leads to the final conclusion of the case,