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Every Advocate feels the pride of mentioning the abreviated word for Advocate as "Adv" before their Name to illuminate their profession as an advocate practising in court of law. Advocatemail.com is an e-Mail service exclusively for the legal fraternity, across the globe. An email address like yourname@freemail.com or yourname@advocatemail.com can be self explanatory in terms of professional identity of an Advocate. Consider your email address on any one of the free email services like yourname@gmail.com, yourame@yahoo.com, yourame@aol.com, yourame@hotmail.com, yourame@rediff.com, does it identifies your profession..? Default Answer is NO is does not. But an advocate with an email address like yourname@advocatemail.com, Does this email address identify your profession? Default answer Yes it does signifies a professional identity of an "Advocate". 

" There are various free email services that are used by professional to school kids, spammers, phonies, scammers and such email service can never provide professional identity of any person. While interacting over free email service like gmail, yahoo, rediffmail, hotmail, etc one can never establish a professional identity."

Another example of professional identity or corporate identity can be companies that provide such email service, does their staff use the freeemail service owned by the company for any official correspondence, certainly not. Does the staff of Micro Soft ( hotmail.com owned by Micro Soft) use Hotmail for any official correspondence or they use a corporate email id. So when the staff of company that owns these email service refrain from using company owned mail service for any business correspondence.

Any business or profession, the dress and address always makes a difference. The email address @advocatemail.com always signifies a professional identity of legal fraternity on web. Just like any business or corporate house use email id for corporate identification (@companyname), lawyers too can highlight their professional identity with email address same as they hight their profession by use of Adv. before their Name. 

Despite graduating from pretigious law institutes every lawyer who unveils his argument skill in the court aslo has following professional add on identity..

  • Bar council registration number
  • A dress code.
  • A cabin in the bar chamber withing the premises of the court

The advocates with a chamber in bar as their correspondence address is always mentioned in the letter head of an advocate or even on their business card, despite advocates having an office address outside the court campus. This just emphases the identity that is established with address for the professional from the noble profession of law. A cabin in the bar chamber what most advocate opt for or in Que for allocation is for establishing a professional address identity of an advocate, it always comes with a extra cost but advocates willingly pay for such services that provides every advocates a professional address identity. E-mail is now one of the most important mode of communication and most accepted among professionals. Many professional are moving away from free email services for many reason thats beyond the scope of this articles to discuss.  Advocatemail.com is a mail service with a tag line "Dress And Address Makes The Difference". 

Some Add on services for paid subscriber of advocatemail.com

1. Detail lawyer profile listing advocatemail.com : Advocate profile on advocatemail.com is mainly to promote individual advocates on web for various services that the lawyers provide and to estabilish a wider footprint of an advocate by harnessing the power of internet. Every advocate's profiles submitted by the advocates are SEO optimized. These profiles are further customized by SEO professional with all the Meta Tags that can result in a higher probability of getting an advocate listed on search engines for the various services offered by an advocates.

2. Personal CMS base Professional Blogging website: Blogging has been a the upbeat among the net aware individual. Blogging has been a perfect tool to display your professional skill and knowledge of a domain on web. Every paid user of advocate mail gets a free setup of a profession CMS software that can be used for blogging of law related articles on their personal website. The URL of the personal blogging website syns with the email address. Eg. when the email address will be of the format yourname@advocatemail.com  the personal blogging website with have the url of http://www.yourname.advocatemail.com. Each b;ogging website is hosted with a professional URL on the sub domain of advocatemail.com that can be even printed on the business card of the advocate with thir email address.

The domain advocatemail.com is over 18 years old that provides a credibility of existence on web providing mail solution to advocates.  

Visit Website: Advocatemail.com

CSR Activity of Advocatemail.com 

To Fight Diabetese among Advocates or family / relatives / friend of an advocate. 

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Advocatemail.com not just only works on providing a profession dedicated email identity to advocates and web promotion of an advocate but also cater to provide a healhty life and education for legals fraternity for advocates to fight diabetese.