Research Programs For Online Promotion of Lawyers

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Research & Marketing: Internship Program For Management Students Research & Marketing: Internship Program For Management Students

As the traffic on internet grows, every professional and business is not shying away to invest on web for web promotion and branding. The key reason is, rthe reach of internet is not limited to boundaries or one can say internet re-defines business boundaries and reach.

Lawhub is a research companies that’s totally focused on the legal domain for various research programs in the benefit of the legal fraternity. The current research is based on a survey that is being conducted online exclusively for lawyers registered with the bar council and are licensed to practice in various courts. The existing research programs with and elemantary survey, would enable Lawhub to deduce various prospects for lawyers. The research provides will assist online promotional opportunities for lawyers. The research programs also provides lawyers to establish a brand name that provides tailwind to promote the services offered by lawyers. Furthermore, it create awarenss of various promotional opportunities for lawyers to broaden their footprints of professional services, by harnessing the power of web..

Lawhub is establishing synergies up with various Management colleges in India, to offer this as an internship "Research & Marketing Programs" to final year management students. 

Research Objective. The prime objective of the research program is as follows:

a) Creating web awareness of practicing advocates.
b) Establish brand Name and promotion of a lawyer.
c) Various viable promotional opportunities for Lawyers.
d) Promotion of legal services offered by Lawyers.
e) Suggesting advocates to harness the power of web with a viable way to promote their services on web.
f) Services available on web, that provides direct and tangible benefits to advocates profession and focused knowledge enhancement.

Research Methods : Any research projects the success is measured by achieving the objective that underlies the research program. Selecting legitimate research methodology for the research project is the fulcrum for the success in achieving the objectives. The research methodology deployed at the inception stage should not be time consuming for the participants (advocates) and should also work on the effective key data points of research.

Quantitative analysis: The research method deployed is quantitative analysis on the data points for the advocates. For acquiring key research data point in a quantitative analysis, most effective way is by conducting a online survey. Online surface also provides a flexibility for the advocates to participate in survey based on their free time. More over the survey should not be length and time consuming.
A basic survey is conducted by lawhub, with a set of questions provided with predefined answers. The survey for quantitative analysis also saves time for the participants (advocates) as the predefined answers are provided for each question in survey, advocates can select the relevant answer/answers from the answer list.

Research Program :  The research is based on a survey that includes approximately 20 to 25 questions with predefined answers. Lawyers can select the appropriate answer (single or multiple) from the list of predefined answers. Following is the steps for participating in survey. The complete survey is based on invitations. 

Phase I
A. ADVOCATE  REGISTRATION : Advocates registration is only by invitation. The invitation can be received on email, messages or even links that can be posted on social media. Invitations are sent by:
• Management college students undergoing an internship programs as research projects.
• Law associations and Bar Councils
• Social workers,.
• Practicing advocates, only those who have participated in existing the survey research programs and are keen on promotions of legal fraternity and their associate lawyers.

The advocate registration links can be send  to eligible advocates for registration using the following ways

• 1. Personalized messages on whatsapp, telegram, etc and also over email.
• 2. Signup links posted on Social Media sites, online Forums, whatsapp groups, etc.

B. ONLINE SURVEY : Once the registration process is complete the lawyers can participate in an online survey for quantitative analysis. Questions re displayed on screen and advocate select the relevant answers from predefined list of answers and submit. After submitting the next question appears and the cycle continues till the last question of the survey is answered.

Self Verification of survey: The registered account of the advocate has to be self verified. The self verification is done by clicking on the  a verification link that is send over the email address, submitted on registration. The status of the survey will be pending and no data analysis will be done until the advocates self verify the email address. All quantitative analysis will only be done once the advocate account is self verified.

Phase II

1. Post quantitative analysis of the survey data submitted by advocates in the survey question, advocates will be offered to submit a details profile of advocates on, high end lawyer directory. is a paid services. Lawhub had tied up with for profile listing of lawyers detail profile based on the quantitative analysis of the survey ( paid profile offered free to lawyer selected after the survey).