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Search coupled with the word re-search (search again) to analyze, is tailwind for professional career for effective decision making or planning strategies. So any individual or a team ready to press the research button should be aware of such basics before they kick start a research project, can be in any area--not just law. A systematic approach with relating the data points is the key to success of any research project. Data quality and time spent also matters-- waste no time on irrelevant data, as data is always redundant. Systematic approach in research on data with fine tuning, analysis coupled with analytic provides more conclusive results with minimum deviation,final goal of any research project. The data that is being researched are mostly un structured. Structuring an unstructured data or normalizing a data followed by highlighting key points makes a research project more valid and conclusive.

Nature of Research:
Data aqusition from advocates( entity) which are termed as fixed data point and variable data points (attributes of entity) that are prevailent is the first climbing step of any research project. The nature of research work invovles interaction with the advocates and aquiring research information based on the predefined format that is provided to each law student of the team conducting the research.

Research Objective For Advocates :
Parameter that Boost the awareness among the legal fraternity.
Awareness Paramenters for advcate that provides tail winds to their professional career and branding.

Location: All India, Cities in Indiwith targets and number of students  for each each city with duration (  )

Research Team
Law student working as a team are the selected for the research project. The size of the team minimum 10 students and the higher end depends on the total number of advocates located in city that are registered with the bar councils of the state.

Research Objective For Law Students: 
Law is one area where most of the data is unstrutured this makes research a very tedious job and start to finish jouney generally ends before the final destination.

which is yet to be explored deeply. The research is based on data, globally law data one one of the largest database, but unstructured. Any law student with basic idea of research "Explore and Conclude" will be catalytic to their legal career that can be as law research, law data science, law analytic or even the final destination that can be extrapolated to Artificial Intelligence in law. This project can be like a feather in a cap for law students and propel their professional carreer from an law intern to estabilished professional advocate. This also opens various other career path for advocates that focus law research as their main stream career.

How does it benefit a student in future as an advocate.

a. Law students get awared of research steps
The existing project will enable a law student to be aware of key steps that can be part of any research programs, lays a basic foundation from the perception of law students. The roles of the student in this research project will be mainly collecting data for research--research survey. Basics of any research project at inception stage is generating a structured data with pre defined data points that are used for research work. Data acquired by the law students from various advocates are generated in a structured format, this provides the fuel to the various other stages of research. Thus, working on such projects, a law student gets self educated with the basic of research steps. This is very useful as once a law student completes this they are aware in any research work and what pivots around any research project.

b. Direct Contact with Prestigious lawyers in city
Every law students aims to be in contact with the prestigious or the established advocates in the city. Direct interaction with the advocate for the research project reciprocates into  having a direct contact with the advocates even before graduating. The Q/A session with the advocates also enables an advocate to know about the interaction skill of a student--interaction is one of the key quality of a advocate  even in their professional career. As student conduct the research work, a personal interaction with the lawyer is mandatory for data acquisition.  Email id, Contact Numbers exchange and the student can stay in touch with the advocate and this can indirectly benefit a law student after completion of the graduation or Post graduation and can walk in the the advocates office, since professional contact was developed during the research project.

c. Aquiring an internship programs in advocates office

Other direct benefit for the student from this research, as mention above direct contact with the prestigious advocates in the city. The direct contact is always beneficial for students to get an internship programs directly under the advocates, since the advocates is already aware of the law student and his potential in law research, atleast the steps of research. The interns at advocate office also mostly into research work, though the entities and attributes of the research data change, but the underlying structure of the research format for data is same. 

Eg. The existing projects of research are the advocates and the various attributes are the valid information about the advocate relating to the awareness of web. In an advocates office an intern could be assigned the task of researching a case laws. So now the entities change from advocate to case law and the attributes change from advocates awareness parameter to various attributes or data points of the case laws, each having its own importance in the disposition if the case law.

Sponsorship:  Under the sponsore ship program of free subscription to all the team member, post completion of the target of subscrition of services of the sponsoring company "ADVOCATEMAIL.COM". Speciali discounter package is offered to the advocates nly through the team doing the research project. Each team member is given a minimum target of 4 paid subscription of ADVOCATEMAIL.COM. On completing the target, the sponsoring company will sponsor the course fees of Rs 4,000 for the Online Certificate course "Online case law research and Analysis".