Law Students Sponsorship: Case Laws Qualitative & Quantitative Research Analysis

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LawHub is providing 100% course fees (Rs 5000) sponsorship to law students all over India for a certificate Online case law research course on  " Case Laws Qualitative & Quantitative Research Analysis".

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Sponsorship Eligibility: 

  1. Successfully complete Research workshop & internship programs with allocated targets.
  2. Clear the online case law research work shop as an eligibility for Case Laws Qualitative & Quantitative Research Analysis.

About Research workshop & internship programs
This workshop programs "Advocate Web awareness and Promotion" is research based. The target audience for research are licensed advocates practising in various Indian court of law. The research programs exclusively covers advocates Web Awareness, Web Promotion and  CSR Activities related with Health and Education. The complete programs is executed in TWO PHASES

Internship programs is target based, to be completed in the stipulated time frame. Targets of each phase will be allocated to each student. The programs starts with Phase I that covers an online survey (research) of advocates. Based on research survey data, phase II of the program (web promotion)  is initiated for eligible advocates.

The research programs is not opened for advocates, publicly, but by invitation only. Advocates can only register by online invitation link (URL), that are sent by law students to target advocates. The invitation link are sent to advocates over their personal email address or messaged over mobile phone.

Online Account for each law students will be created on and unique invitation link (registration link ) will be available for each law students.
The Login control panel of each student account will provide the all summary information with target and status of each registered advocates. It also provides the status of the complete programs, based on the targets achieved. Contact details of each registered advocates (email id and Mobile number) will be available in the online account of law students. Law students can follow up with advocates based on their contact details, in case of  pending or incomplete survey after registration.. The list of advocates will display the status of advocates in each phase of the research workshop.


The objective of the research programs is for promotion the Advocates in India on web. Creating web awareness among advocates for various advantages that an advocate can have by having a presence on web. Establish brand name of advocate and promote the legal services offered by an advocate. This also covers various the various health related issues of an advocates. Research the Heath and educational CSR activities of an advocates that benefits in healthy and educated society in India.

This phase of the workshop covers the online survey of the advocates licensed to practice in various courts of India. This involves following:
Advocate Registration:
Since the program is not open to public, registration is only by invitation link send to advocate by a law student. The registration involves an online signup process for advocates by submitting their contact details on the registration form. An online account of advocate is created on successful submission of the data in the registration form. In case an advocate forgets the credentials of the account, they can request for account details online, all details will be delivered on the email account submitted by advocate in the registration form.

Online Survey
Post signup, advocate can continue to participate in the online survey. In case advocate prefer to participate later on, they can login into their registered account and participate in he online survey. The survey comprises of 25 to 30 questions with predefined list of answers for each questions. Advocates have to just select the relevant answer as per their personal choice from the list of predefined answers for each questions in the survey. The answers selected can be single or multiple as per the questions that appear in the survey. A user friendly interface for the interactive app is developed for online survey that saves time of survey. The online app is device friendly and compatible with all devices. This enables an advocate to participate in survey on any device like hand held devices (smart phone and tablets ) or even on their laptop, desktops.
The survey consist of 25 to 30 Question, Advocates have to select the relevant answers of the questions that are provided as pre defined options in answers for each allocated question. The survey format and the interactive user friendly device enables a advocate to complete he survey in few minutes. Survey completion time can vary for each advocates depending on their reading skills and internet speed

It is suggested that law students to explain the advocate personally, over telephone or email about the objective of the surveys and its how it benefits an advocates. Some benefits listed below:

Benefits for advocates participating on online survey:

  • Establish web presence for the advocate, based on the survey data submitted.
  • Web Promotion of an advocate.
  • Free subscription of web profile on paid web directory services, exclusively for advocates.*
  • All Advocates who participate in online survey will also be offered various web promotional package and services, in future.
Preview the links, at the end of the article to know the various benefits for advocates

Offered by sponsors of the research programs to advocates participating in survey. Qualitative analysis of the data submitted in survey will be done by the research analyst team of The eligible advocates,post qualitative analysis will be offered free subscription. This will be available for limited time only. Advocates should subscribe on or before the valid date to avail free services that otherwise paid.


This phase covers web promotion of advocates by establishing their identity on web. The promotional activity starts with each eligible advocates submitting a detail profile (FREE OF COST) on paid web directories, exclusively for advocates. The advocates are shortlisted after a detail qualitative analysis of survey data submitted by the advocates. All analysis is done by the research team of LawHub. The shortlisted advocates are offered for free subscription. Shortlisted eligible Advocates submit their detail profile on elite web directory services, exclusively for advocates.

LawHub has done various research on Advocates web directories and have tied up with few paid directory services to sponsor an advocate profile. The profile submitted on such web directories will have to comply with the terms and condition of the third party web directory services. 

Basic eligibility for profile submission and published on web services

  • Advocates participate in Survey
  • Advocates shortlisted by research analysis team of
  • Photograph to of the advocates to be submitted in profile
  • Detail write up minimum 300 words about the advocates
  • Bar Council Registration Number
  • Educational Details
  • To submit all details as required in the profile
  • Each profile is approved by sponsors of research programs.

All data submitted by advocates on profile will be previewed by administrator web directories (sponsors of research programs),before its published. Support for registration and profile approvals to be provided by the law students. At every stage, law students have to create awareness among advocates and educate them with various benefits of web presence, also various add on web promotional activities that can benefit an advocate for building their brand and business, by harnessing the power of web.


01 Program Name Advocate Web Awareness & Web Promotion
02 Program Type Research Workshop
02 Mode Online & Interaction in person
03 Total Hase 2
04 Duration 45
05 Phase I Research Work
06 Phase II Web Promotion

Targets for Internship Certificate

01 Phase I  Max-200 Min-150 ( Online Survey Participants)
02 Phase II 
100  (Approved Profiles of the advocates by sponsors)

On achieving the Targets  of PHASE II, law students gets the research program comletion certificate for "Advocate Web Awareness & Web Promotion" and is eligible to continue for the spronsorship program.

Targets for 100% Sponsorship : Law students are eligible for this only after the targets for internship certificate programs meets Phase II targets of 100 approved lawyers profiles. The Add on targets mentioned below is for 100% sponsorship of the courses fees.

01 Phase I Max-200 Min-100 ( Online Survey Participants)
02 Phase II
150  (Approved Profiles of the advocates by sponsors)*

*Incase case the student fails to achive the addon targets of PHASE II and still wants to opt for the case law research count, part sponsorship can be offered.
Minimum Target to complete 50 Profiles.
Sponshorship of rs 50/Profiles can be provided on course fees, based on the total tagets achieved

Following table For course fess sponsorship calculation based on the targets achived

Case Target Achieved Sponsored Profiles Calculation Sponsored Amount
01 50 0 0 Nill
02 70 20 20 X Rs 50 Rs. 1000
03 90 40 40 X Rs 50 Rs. 2000
04 100 50 50 X Rs 50 Rs. 2500
05 130 80 80 X Rs 50

Rs. 4000

06 150 100 100 X Rs 50 Rs. 5000


  1. Local Court campus visit, if needed to interact with advocates, suggested visiting at lunch time when advocates are free.
  2. Contacting advocate groups in court campus canteen, bar chambers.
  3. Taking references of other advocates from the interested advocates.
  4. Create WhatsApp Group for advocates, to provide support as and when needed.
  5. Posting Links on social media pages for invitation
  6. Inviting advocates to join the created whatsapp group.
  7. Creating awareness among advocates with information links and e brochures, over email , social media and groups.
  8. Informing advocates about benefits of various web based services like lawyer’s profiles, online blogging, personal websites and use of professional email services.
  9. Email e-Brochures, informative web links to advocates explaining the details about the research program, if needed.
  10. Personal interaction, if needed with advocates for providing support.
  11. Sending Invitation Link over personal email id or messages over mobile, for registration.
  12. Explaining features and advantages of the services offered as try n buy option.
  13. Explaining in brief other services offered on the offered services after survey.
  14. Sending links for subscription on services that will be offered to advocates, eligible for free services after qualitative analysis of survey data.
  15. Repeated interaction with advocates in case of incomplete profile, each profiles will be previewed before its published live on the website. In case of any missing data the profiles won’t be published online until all data is provided.


Some of the tangible benefits for the advocates opting fo the Internship programs are ass follows.

  1. Law students will be projecting them self as an college students doing a research work. The various activities in the research programs gets in direct contact with the leading advocates. Such contact always gets beneficial for law students to avail Law Internship under the leading advocates.
  2. Each law student gets aware of various digital mode of professional interaction over email and messages. Such mode of interaction is like a self education, it teaches a law student how to interact digitally and even personally for professional interaction. This will always be helpful in a professional career of a law student when they have to frequently interact with their probable clients.
  3. This program educates a law student about web promotion. Helpful for self promotion when a law students becomes a license advocate to practice in court of law.  
  4. Exposure to research work.
  5. Certificate for "Research workshop & internship programs" issued by LawHub on completion
  6. 100% Sponsorship of certification for an online course "Case Laws Qualitative & Quantitative Research Analysis". Certificate issued by Information Technology Research Center certification body of LawHub

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