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Cyber Crimes In India

As the population of internet users (netizens) escalate, dark web population swells up and is proportionate to ballooning netizens . Imperiling in culmination of various online ... Full story

Online Directory Advocates & Law Companies

Lawhub is synthesis of adept professionals from Information Technology and Legal fraternity. Prime aspiration of synthesis for suggestions from advocates (interns to experience) and uses ... Full story

Preventing Cyber Crimes

Cybercrimes and the news related to cybercrimes are frequently hitting the air. Law enforcement agencies are seating the blooding out to track and limit the ... Full story

AI & Machine Learning: Impact on Law Firms

AI is the development of system that has the ability to perform tasks requiring human intelligence. Software solutions are highly adopted in developed countries like ... Full story

Web Promotion Of Advocates & Law Companies

Google is not a fable, but certified search engine market leader. The market data acquired from Jan-2023 to Feb 2024 divulge that Google has 91.61%, ... Full story

Pharmaceutical Drug Manufactures Can They Buy Anything & Everything?

Pharmaceutical industries, Now and then are in news for various malpractices. The crimes more organized, involves a network. Drug Cartels are the CEO’s of various ... Full story

Growth In Online Legal Services

The Focus on the online Legal services has been exponentially growing as a counterreveolution of the traditional practices in Law Firms, globally. Online Legal service ... Full story

Cyber Crime Legal Services Rise with Cyber Threats

As more and more business move online, cybercrime activities also propel.  Cyber crime is a crime that is committed using an internet connection and a ... Full story

Websites For Advocates

CMS Software based Websites for Advocates has been launched by premium members, as paid module. Each member registered for email service on advocatemail, is ... Full story

Research And Marketing Certificate Course

Research and marketing certificate course custom designed for UG and PG management student. This program provides the real time experience in Research and Marketing. Market ... Full story

Paid Email Service Future Market

The netizen, spending hours daily on the devices are busy with their Email  inbox for business communication over and various personal activities. Despite myriad collaborating ... Full story

Income Tax Department Support Video Conference Hearing Amendament in Faceless Appeal

The Income Tax Department has made changes in the existing Faceless Appeal Scheme, making the process easier for taxpayers who wish to have a personal ... Full story

Four labor codes are likely to be implemented by the financial year 2022-2023

Four labor codes on wages, social security, industrial relations, occupational safety, health and working conditions are likely to come into force by the next financial ... Full story

Dr Roopali Bajaj

Dr Roopali, believes in setting new standards of excellence in the education arena, and developing entrepreneur skill among the younger generation. She is a seasoned ... Full story

Promotion Package For Advocates Participating In Research Survey

All the advocates that have participated or will be parting in the researc survey conducted by will be getting a free profile on ... Full story

Research Programs For Web Awareness and Web Promotion of Lawyers

As the traffic on internet grows, every professional and business is moving digital. Web Promotion on web is now what most are looking for eve ... Full story

Management Student Internship For Research & Marketing

Certificate based Research And Marketing Internship Program is covered for following cities (Table 01), registration is invited online. Duration of the complete program is ... Full story

Adlaw Sponsors Law Research Programs is a high end directory services with various online software as office tools offered to lawyers and law companies. is one of the ... Full story

Case Law Research & Analysis - Law Colleges Curricullam

INTRODUCTION: Case Law Research for Law Colleges is a law research programs exclusively designed for Law College's students in India. This is a one year ... Full story

Case Law Headnotes Examples

EXAMPLE 1 Judgments Title      :   Commissioner Of Income Tax Central, Calcutta & Anr Vs Amalgamated Development, Ltd. Dated :     21.03.1967Civil Appeals Nos.    :     169 ... Full story

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