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Law College Analytics

This research project is scheduled to start in the last quarter of the year 2021. The research projects is primarily based on law education in ... Full story

Fixed Data Points in Case Law Research

Case law are the complete transcipts of the case hearing and the argument. From a research point of view, case laws comprises of the various ... Full story

Case Laws Qualitative & Quantitative Research Analysis

INTRODUCTION: The ability to conduct legal research is essential for lawyers, regardless of area or type of practice. The most basic step in legal research ... Full story

Online Diploma in Case Law Research & Analytics

INTRODUCTION This course includes in depth study of Case Laws delivered by various High Courts, Tribunals and Supreme Court of India. The diploma in CASE LAW ... Full story

Qualitative Analysis Of Big Data in Case Law

INTRODUCTION: Big data has been leveraging various decision making process in industries from diversified background. But its use in the legal industry is relatively new, ... Full story

Case Law Allocation

We at Lawhub, have a database of over 3 Millions case laws. The database of case laws comprises of judgments delivered by Supremee Court of ... Full story

Legal Blogs

If your are acquainted with internet and not a cave man, the word blog is one of the most common word used for various informative ... Full story

Writing Memos

Researching legal issues and writing memoranda about them is something that you should learn in law school, as research and memoranda writing are essential for ... Full story

Document Review-Due Diligence

Due diligence, also called document review, is the process of reviewing existing legal and business contracts of a business (including corporate documents, agreements and financial ... Full story

CERT Issues Notice To Twitter To Provide Details

As the high profiles user account are getting frequently hacked, The India’s cybersecurity nodal agency CERT-In has issued a notice to Twitter for full details ... Full story

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