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Pioneer Institute Of ProfessionalStudies

Pioneer Institute of Professional studies (PIPS) Is an Autonomous and NAAC Accredited Institute, The Institute is accorded permanent affiliation by Devi Ahilya University (DAVV), Indore. Pioneer ... Full story

AI & Law

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology can be only be unknown to you, if you still in the palaeolithic era of society. AI has been making inroads ... Full story

Whats is provides an online platform for  students & researcher from legal fraternity. The law research platform enables the researchers to analyse & evaluate various parameters ... Full story

What is Case Law Research?

A good research involves searching for underlying principles of finding, understanding, and applying the law. Every law student and practicing attorney must be able to ... Full story

What is Legal Research?

Legal research, importance and benefits in the legal industry are well known. Legal research is an very important tool for individual lawyers and law firms ... Full story

What are fixed data points In Case Laws?

From the research terminology, fixed data points are various predefined parameters that exist in every case law. Each of these parameters are useful for law ... Full story

What Are The Examples of Fixed Data Point in a Case Law?

Following are the list of fixed data points are found in every case laws delivered by the court of law.1. Name or Names of Judges2. ... Full story

What do I do, if I don’t find fixed data point in a case law?

Case laws are provided for any course or program opted by the law student or legal professionals. In case of any missing fixed data point ... Full story

What is Variable data points in Case Laws?

Variable data point is the data point in a case law that has its unique importance in the complete case law. Variable Data Points can ... Full story

What is Variable data points in Case Laws?

Variable data point is the data point in a case law that has its unique importance in the complete case law. Variable Data Points can ... Full story

What are the Various Elements Of Case Laws?

Every case law comprises of elements in the judgements/Case laws. Each element have it own importance related to conclusion of the judgements. Following are the ... Full story

What is Case Law Research Analytics?

All research work is complete with a detail analysis that of the case law that is the raw data for research work. The case law ... Full story

What is case law abstract.?

Abstract of the case laws is a summary of complete transcript of the judgement passed by the judges. By reading the abstract a person should ... Full story

Is There any limit for words in abstract writing for case law.?

Abstract writing is an art of drafting the summary of the Case Laws / judgements. In general there are no specific limits on abstract writing ... Full story

What happens in case the case law provided is not complete in terms of full judgement text?

In case any allocated case law is not complete or junk characters sets in the main judgements body, this can be notified on email at ... Full story

What if I’am Not Interested in a Category Case Law Allocated For Research.?

Case law of personal interest(categories) are not applicable in DIPLOMA or CERTIFICATE Courses. This course and syllabus is designed as the foundation for case law ... Full story

How do I benefit from the research programs on Offers various Diploma and Certificate Programs For Law Students and professionals in legal fraternity. The individuals appearing for any of the case law or ... Full story

How many days will the registration will take effect to start working online?

Once all the formalities of registration and fees are over, case law are allocated for research work in the account of the student. After conformation ... Full story

What is the format of the projects reports.?

A predefined format is available with the syllabus of the programs. The format of the report can vary for different courses. While conducting research on ... Full story

Who will be evaluating the results.?

The evaluation of the research work is done by professionally qualified individual with a law degree from law colleges that are recognised by Bar Council ... Full story

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