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Nilesh Pendharkar

Nilesh an Engineer Graduate with over 25 year of industrial experiance, The domain knowledge of Nilesh is primarily in Operation Research and various analysis of ... Full story

Dr. Fakhruddin Ujjainwala

Dr. Fakhruddin Ujjainwala, is an associate professor at SGSITS indore. He is also part of  the alumini of IIT Madras and SGSITS Indore. He has ... Full story

Case Law Proof Reading & Formating

Any research work whether data provided or data acquired, would never be in a format that makes life easy for research. First and foremost for ... Full story

Guidelines for Writing Case Head Notes

In literature a head note is termed as a note placed at begining of a document that provides the brief explanatory information. Head note for a ... Full story

Bare Act Categories

All the bare acts are categorised into Main Category and sub categories. The sub categories are dependent on the main categories. Following is the list ... Full story

Legal Article Writing

How to write a law article or in fact any article, well it certainly cannot be taught. As article writing is just like a novelist ... Full story

Quantitative Analysis in Case Laws

Quantitative Analysis & Research :  Quantitative Analysis & Research is a  systematic investigation of quantitative properties, a research based on the observed data points in the ... Full story

Advocates Analysis

The judicial balance scale can bend in your favour, if you are aware of the opposition strategies and build your  own accordingly. The strategy can be ... Full story

Judges Analysis in Case Laws

Judges in a case law are considered as a data point for various case law research courses on  We all are well aware of ... Full story

Sponsorship By ties up with LawHub to provide scholarships to eligible law stundets for various certificate and Diploma courses offered by LawHub. is a profession dedicated ... Full story

Judges Bench in Case Laws

Judges Bench To be soon added.. web ... Full story

Citation In Case Laws

The term citation is  term used for itentifying a case law/judgments. Case citation is citing references used by legal professionals. It helps them to understand ... Full story

Data Source Types in Law Research

A Law student or any legal professional who is all set for a a research work is based on some data that is logged for ... Full story

Whats is Statutes in Law

A statute is a written law passed by a legislature on the state or center level. Statutes set forth general propositions of law that courts ... Full story

Case Law Analysis

Case law analysis is nothing but a deep study of the case laws required to analyse the significance of the case. Its relationship with similar ... Full story

Discursive Argument / Analysis Of Case Laws

The Discursive analysis will reflect the type of case comment that is being written and will involve research being carried out on one or more ... Full story

Art of Writing a Judgment

A judgment is the statement given by the Judge, on the grounds of a decree or order. It is the end product of the proceedings ... Full story

Adv Santosh Shukla

Adv Santosh Shukla is a Supreme court lawyer, for cyber crime in India. He has been invoved in gammut of  activities. He has been setting ... Full story

Adv. Sunil Jadhav

Adv Sunil Jadhav is a advocate with an engineering background. A qualified B.tect from Mechanical Engineering focused his career as an Advocate. Afer completing his ... Full story

CA Mr. Rizwan Khan

A qualified chartered accountant, Director and founder of an education institute  Information Technology and Research Center (ITRC) founded in the year 1996. He has been ... Full story

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