Research & Marketing Internship Program for Management Students.

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Research & Marketing Internship Program for Management Students.

Lawhub is conducting short term internship programs for MBA Marketing students across different cities in India. The complete internship programs is target based that is to be completed in allocated days. Duration of the internship program varies from city to city with targets allocated for each city.

The Internship programs is a research & Marketing project exclusive that is conducted on legals fraternity mainly advocates registered  with BAR COUNCIL and are licensed to practice in Supreme Court Of India, State High Courts, District court in India including Tribunal courts across various cities in India

About The Internship program.

A research based marketing internship programs is for web awareness among the legal fraternity in India. The objective of the research programs is promote the legal fraternity in India on web. The research programs covers the survey information gathered by the interns opting for the Research & Marketing Internship Programs. Sampling and analysis of each records to be done based on the factual data collected online by the marketing students. The eligible advocates, and will listed with their details profile, on various web services exclusively for the legal fraternity.offered to provide a wider reach of their services. The complete internship programs is in two Phase.

Benefits of the internship program for students.

Every marketing project at inception stage involves with a basic research programs. This is mainly adopted by conducting various surveys for qualitative and quantitative methods of research. The existing internship programs educates the student with a real time experience research and direct marketing.  The complete internship program is designed in such a way that it enable each student to understand the initial stages of product or service marketing and the importance of a survey. Every marketing student who joins any organisation is mostly allocated with field marketing job that triggers the career of a student in the marketing. Following are some of the benefits, each explained in brief.

  • Market Research: 

    The survey is a powerful marketing research tool. A proper survey with legitimate survey data enables to discover opinions and attitudes about the products or services before its launched and floated in the market.. Survey of product of services is the foundation of marketing activities for take a feed back and identifying the effective leads of marketing. Regardless of the size of any business, one can grow and prosper by using affordable surveys to develop strategies that get new customers and also retaining the existing customers. 

  • Qualitative analysis :

    Any research program that includes survey revolves around qualitative or quantitative methods of analysis. The existing survey for research is mainly a qualitative research, since it involves a focused groups of professional that are practising advocates in the court. The student get a real time experiences of conducting the survey with the qualitative analysis of the target client base.

  • Client Interaction: 

    The main activities for any real time survey includes a interactive session between the marketing individual and the probable client of the service/product. A smart marketing individual should be able to effectively interact with a probable client or customer of the product or services that's being marketed by the marketing professionals. The Phase I of the research & marketing  internship programs include a market research with and effective survey. Interactive Q/A session involved details client interaction. The effective survey and the basics data points generated with survey data acquisition can be like a lead generation for marketing and product selling.

  • Product / Service demonstration and feature explanation: No customer will ever buy any product until unless it is aware of the various features and the benefits of the product or services. The second phase of the the internship programs enables the student to