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Law Students Sponsorship: Case Laws Qualitative & Quantitative Research Analysis

LawHub is providing 100% course fees (Rs 5000) sponsorship to law students all over India for a certificate Online case law research course on  " Case Laws Qualitative ... Full story

Research Platforms For Law Data Science & Case Law Research

Online integrated platform for law students and law fraternity for conducting research on various case laws delivered by Supreme Court of India, state high courts ... Full story

Promotion Package For Advocates Participating In Research Survey

All the advocates that have participated or will be parting in the researc survey conducted by will be getting a free profile on ... Full story

Management Student Internship For Research & Marketing

Programs on Research & Marketing for Management students, pursuing graduation or post graduation with marketing as their specialisation. workshop with internships program is research based. ... Full story


Research is the vigilant, diligent & painfull study in depth of a specific subject matter which has the aim to advance mankind knowledge and descision ... Full story

Dr Roopali Bajaj

Dr Roopali, believes in setting new standards of excellence in the education arena, and developing entrepreneur skill among the younger generation. She is a seasoned ... Full story

Research Programs For Web Awareness and Web Promotion of Lawyers

As the traffic on internet grows, every professional and business is moving digital. Web Promotion on web is now what most are looking for eve ... Full story

Nilesh Pendharkar

Nilesh an Engineer Graduate with over 25 year of industrial experiance, The domain knowledge of Nilesh is primarily in Operation Research and various analysis of ... Full story

Adlaw Sponsors Law Research Programs is a high end directory services with various online software as office tools offered to lawyers and law companies. is one of the ... Full story

Lawyers Blog: Tool for content Marketing

Blogs are the content thats posted on web, Content marketing is probably the most efficient and traditional way to get a high rank on the ... Full story

Advantage Of Lawyers Profile On Web

Lawyer now, many do have profiles that are posted on some law directory or online web directory. Some law company website also post their lawyers ... Full story

Advantages of Blog Websites For Lawyers

The word blog is no more a term that is new to any professional or even an undergraduate student. Various professional , not ruling out ... Full story

Online Case Law Research Workshop

INTRODUCTION CASE LAWS are like bread and butter and no law students or a practicing advocate can stay away from it. For any or every ... Full story

Case Law Headnotes Examples

EXAMPLE 1 Judgments Title      :   Commissioner Of Income Tax Central, Calcutta & Anr Vs Amalgamated Development, Ltd. Dated :     21.03.1967Civil Appeals Nos.    :     169 ... Full story

Prabhat Sandheliya

Prabhat a graduate in computer science with over 20 years of experiance pertaining to ITes. Director of the company CodeRevolts with global clients with foot ... Full story

Law College Analytics

This research project is scheduled to start in the last quarter of the year 2021. The research projects is primarily based on law education in ... Full story

Dr. Fakhruddin Ujjainwala

Dr. Fakhruddin Ujjainwala, is an associate professor at SGSITS indore. He is also part of  the alumini of IIT Madras and SGSITS Indore. He has ... Full story

Research & Marketing Internship Program for Management Students.

Lawhub is conducting short term internship programs for MBA Marketing students across different cities in India. The complete internship programs is target based that is ... Full story : E-Mail Address That Identifies the profession of Advocates

Every Advocate feels the pride of mentioning the abreviated word for Advocate as "Adv" before their Name to illuminate their profession as an advocate practising ... Full story

LawHub Ties Up with ITRC for Course Certification

LawHub proudly annouces its official Tie up with ITRC for various online law research certificate courses and workshops,for providing certifcation.The Chairman & Director Of ITRC ... Full story

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