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What is the format of the projects reports.?

A predefined format is available with the syllabus of the programs. The format of the report can vary for different courses. While conducting research on ... Full story

Who will be evaluating the results.?

The evaluation of the research work is done by professionally qualified individual with a law degree from law colleges that are recognised by Bar Council ... Full story

What is the Goal Of

• To look at Doctrinal or Theoretical Issues.• To provide Case Law Research Material for the Students.• To acquire an understanding of the Legal Subject ... Full story

Whats is the objective of Law research courses?

The archives of case laws delivered by various courts are the documents that each practicing lawyers has to research based on the case ther argue ... Full story

What is the Average Salary of A Law Research Analyst.?

A Legal analyst or a research analyst with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of Rs. ... Full story


LawHub is an I.T.E.S, that provides an online law research platform exclusively for legal fraternity or the law aspirant. Lawhub is a synergy of database ... Full story

Arbitration & Settlement

The role or arbitration or settlement between two disputed entities can be a company or individual is a legal activity to ensure that issues are ... Full story

Company Law Matters

We provide scheduled operations and cost-effective solutions pertaining to various corporate legal issues. we can also be your corporate legal consultants to deal with various ... Full story

Representing Appeals in Higher Courts

An appeal is a request for a higher court to review a lower court's decision. An appeals lawyer handles cases on appeal when a party ... Full story

Cities Internship Program For Research & Internship

Internship Program is covered for following cities (Table 01), resitration for internship is invited online. Duration of the complete research and marketing internship program varies, ... Full story

Legal Drafting Services

we at LawHub also provide  non-core legal activities such as legal drafting, legal analysis or strategy planning within a fast turnaround time. Drafting, to put ... Full story

Online Case Law Research Platform

Case Laws are one of the most important transcripts, that the community from legal professionals use and explore for various arguments and proceeding in the ... Full story

Mission Vision

Mission : Our mission is to be the provide a leading research platform to law researchers and law students. We are sincerely committed to satisfaction of our ... Full story

total: 113 | displaying: 101 - 113